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Baby Boomer Connect:

Mission to join Baby Boomers  in Celebrating their Lives with Family, Career, Social, Citizenship and Self!

It's about life—family, friends, career, community and you. We believe our best days are ahead of us!

Personal Journey Update:

Celebrating my 60th Birthday:

Kaleidoscopic View of My 60th Birthday

My 60th Birthday is a time to bring my life into a new focus

Putting all the pieces of my life into a Kaleidscope

Holding my life to the light

Shifting and turning to get new views, more insights, and illuminating thoughts

Loving every moment of the process

Looking & Love at people and their connections in my life

My beloved Family, My beloved Ancestors, My beloved Family just born, My beloved Family yet born, My beloved Friends

Feeling and viewing their love, inspiration, and life energy

Feeling and viewing my life force

Always loved Kaleidscopes as a child

Still do

My 60th Birthday coming into a new focus, awe, and appreciation of my life and all the people in it...

Spiritual Journey Update:

Come join Joanie's Spiritual Journey: Resources to Reflect on the Celebration of Life

Professional Journey Update:

I celebrated 20 Years of Professional Academic Service at Kennesaw State University on April 23, 2010. I was recognized at a ceremony marking this life accomplishment. Teaching has always been my life passion. I have been 20 years at KSU, 7 years at UGA, 1 year as a TA at Queens College, and part time teaching. For my professional story consult my Bio. Update, I now completed 21 Years of Professional Academic Service at KSU in Spring 2011.

On June 24, 2011, I started a new business entitled "The Complete Graduate Resource, L.L.C.". I will be providing college seniors transition coaching, resources, and consulting to organizations involved with college senior transition to graduation and life after college.

Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick, The Complete Graduate Coach. I am developing two websites to support my new career endeavor:

The Complete Graduate Resource

Resource for college seniors and college graduates

Degreeconomics: Seminar for Graduating College Seniors

KICS: Kids in College/Career Support Update:

I am pleased to announce that my daughter, Meaghan E. Dominick, is pursuing her Masters of Science in Personal Finance, within the Consumer Economics Program in the College of Housing and Consumer Economics, at the University of Georgia. Meaghan E. Dominick has been awarded a Graduate Assistantship and is a Teaching Assistant for three professors in the Consumer Economics and Personal Finance. Meaghan E. Dominick also was awards two travel scholarships and a Research Assistantship during Summer 2011. The two travel scholarships are: SFPA Ameriprise Scholarship 2011 and the Arthur N. Caple Foundation Travel Scholarship 2011. Congratulations Meaghan!

I am pleased to announce that my daughter, Meaghan E. Dominick graduated on December 18, 2009, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Economics from the University of Georgia, Terry College of Business.  Meaghan E. Dominick graduated Magna Cum Laude. She is listed on the University of Georgia, Terry College of Business, Department of Economics University Honors website.

Her name appears on the UGA Senior Signature Virtual Plaque 2009. The permanent UGA Senior Signature 2009 Plaque is at the Tate Student Center.

I am officially a new member of KICS: Kids in Career

KICS & Citizenship Update:

Meaghan & Joanie Dominick organize the July 4th 2009 Kensington Neighorood Parade. Pamela & Pete Rockett were the Grand Marshals.

KICS - Kids in College Support Celebrates our Third Year with new Web 2.0 Community!

KICS Members Crossing the Finish Line of the Run the Reagan February 14, 2009-Congrats Trisha Spooner, Katie Spooner, & Joanie Leichter Dominick!

Family Update:

A special Happy Birthday to my beloved Daddy O'Red aka Granpa Cop! On February 23, 2016, my dad Joseph T. Leichter is turning 89! Click the link to go to his Birthday Website!

Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick copyright 2006


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